TV Series

Rat Race Media symbolises the ever-accelerating struggle against deadlines and the constant pressure associated with new media oriented design and production budgets . In a fiercely competitive market, we aim to bring each client personalised service with a superior level of design to achieve rewarding results.


RAT RACE MEDIA offered companies and individuals the opportunity to participate in a television series that featured their company/brand as a whole. In the program we covered the history, manufacturing of the product, advertising campaign, product range etc.
The series covered well-known brands like KFC, All Gold, Rapport, KFM, McCain and many more.


This was a fishing series which catered for young and old, a must see for all of South Africa’s fish lovers, and those who are just out for the catch. The program hosted all types of fishing, from fly fishing to deep sea, fresh water to angling. The program also featured fishing destinations and accommodation all around South Africa.

Kom Braai

Kom Braai is the brain child of Dewald Visser,  TV presenter and producer of more than 14 TV series to date.  Now his love for food (and braai) has turned his attention to the first Afrikaans braai DVD and TV series. After the successful launch of the first KOM Braai DVD, his attention turned to TV and a 131 episode Braai series was born on TV.
Kom Braai shows a lot more than just “dop & tjop” we make starters, side dishes, bake bread, make soup, food for kids, main dishes and desert, all with a glass of wine in hand.

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